mandag den 13. februar 2012

Secondhand shopping

so today i went shopping and found some very amasing things. i usualy go to the same secondhand every week and i did that aswell today and found a jacket, a purse and a long *****'* i dont remember what it is called :P
Isnt this the cutest purse EVER?!

søndag den 12. februar 2012

Shoe and purse collection.

So this is a part of my purse and shoe collection.. i dont have all my purses in this picture becus' a seriously have ALOT of purses.... like over 30... i really have a fetish for purses :P haha...

lørdag den 11. februar 2012

yesterday i was like super drunk.. and i still look super great with hangovers.

fredag den 10. februar 2012

daily picture for 10-02-2012

A random fashion drawing i made in school yesterday. turned out really great.

The details on the hair and the hairbow is not done yet but i seriusly love the face.

Yeah you can see the details on the botto of the dress.. got inspirred by the sweet lolita style from harajuku.

torsdag den 9. februar 2012

This young lady is called Kyary pamyu pamyu, she is one of the most famous singer in japan right now. she is the person that inspirres me the most right now. Her clothes are very extreme and cute at the same time, witch is lovely. I also love her music ofcourse.. if you dont know her go to youtube and type きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON, that is her best song. So, yees i LOVE her <3

This t-shirt was my school project for last month.. it turned out to be great as you nice,and i really like the latex cross in the middle.
this photo was actually for my presentations folder but the light was too i will take a better picture another day. 


onsdag den 8. februar 2012

i just got my iphone cover this morning.
Is'nt it pretty?!?! i'm so happy right now :D

The iphone is from go check that side out they have lots of love crazy things!

tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Daily picture 07-02-2012. Loved this outfit so much.. anyaway this is the first post on this side so i decided just to do something random...