tirsdag den 27. marts 2012

Seriously, i've wanted these for so long now and  dunno where to buy them ): but anyway i've used my money already :P i bought like 5 dresses this mounth in barcelona :D i think i will put a video op from my school tour to barcelona soon. but anyway, BYE!

søndag den 18. marts 2012

yellow hair and new creppers

I haven't updatet in a long time so i'm gonna tell you a little about what happen this month. I've been shopping a few new things but i havent been able to take any picture BUT i've finally bought creppers! just the black simple ones, and i have also bought a spiky bag and a red scarf :P think thats its.. i'm also gonna tell that i've changed m hair colour AGAIN, this time its yellow
see! :D think thats it, BYE <3