tirsdag den 24. april 2012

BUFFALO'S BACK (not really)

these are my favorite shoes of all, i use them so much, they're lovely.
Buffalo's are not seen much on the streets in denmark but for some reason alot of stores sell them, wonder why since i'm the only one in my town that use them.

lørdag den 21. april 2012


Today is a really good day! i'm not sick anymore so i decided to colour my hair as you can see and just really felt for taking outfit photos. 

the last photo was a mistake photo but it is really funny, seriously look at my face! :P

fredag den 20. april 2012

So bad, so boring

today has been a very boring day... i woke feeling a little sick, got to do math at school and did nothing besides that.. so i just felt like doing a outfit photo. its along time since i've done that and this is not even good, well the photo is okay but my outfit is like an "fashionable sick person" but hope you dont mind.
i think its the first time i've weared this bag. its from www.punkshop.dk and its just amasing :)
So i really hope i will do more of these thing be'cus it was really fun and i was really enjoying it, what do you think about it?

onsdag den 18. april 2012


are these shoes pretty or what? bought them a month ago and have only weared them ones be'cus i don't want them to get dirty xD
and the colour arent really my favorit.
and as you can see the platform a really beuitiful and they are also really cheap :P also a good reason to by them.
anyway the conclusion is that monki have really become one of my favorite brands.

tirsdag den 17. april 2012

maybe its just me but i think this hair style is really really cute!
i showed up with that hair today and everyone think that is was ugly ): too bad i still think it is super cute!
So lately i've been really much into these harajuku boys and girls. i've also admired the japanese for their fashion trends.
 This picture is one of my favorit, as always the japanese have a thing for platform (the shoes she is wearing is creppers) and lang jacket in layers.
 i also really like their mask's with cute thing on them.
 and unlike boys here in denmark, the boys in japan really have style! as you see in this picture.
i just loved this bag so much :P

so i hope sooner or later we in europe will get more inspirred by the japanese.