søndag den 1. september 2013

Pink hair once more.

I just had to show you guys, that i'm once again coloring my hair somekind og pastel pink hair.
i'll show you the final look once i'm done.
Xoxo Oliver Winther

tirsdag den 9. juli 2013

Back Bitches! ~

I haven't been able to do anything on my computer for at super long time but now its finally working!

 i took this picture from a katsucon cosplay video and i think its the coolest thing i've seen in a long time.
XOXO Oliver Winther

søndag den 7. juli 2013

Tired of being me!

I guess we all come to the point in our lifes, where you start to hate everthing about yourself. For 2 years i have hated myself and tried my hardest to be someone else. I look up to so Many pretty people in this world and i dont get why i cant be like them, but its time to stop trying to be someone else now. I refuse to loose myself and start to really seek for who i am. Seek from now on and till the end.

Xoxo Oliver Winther

torsdag den 16. maj 2013

Bundgaard-Nielsen Designs ~

If you remember the jacket i made a few weeks ago, you may be wondering why i made it in the first place. Well at our school we had this project where we had to be inspirred by this amasing Fashion Designer called Mette Julie Bundgaard-Nielsen.

This is one of her biggest creations:

I just find her designs so lovely and i think you sould go check her out on:

Xoxo Oliver Winther

lørdag den 11. maj 2013

White is my new Black

Even Though the summer is on the way to Denmark i still find myself comfteable in gret, black and white clothes. Here's some designs i get really inspirret from!
 Dior Homme Fall 2013

I have no idea who this is but i really love the design.

So yeah white is really big this fall... And i LOVE it!
Xoxo Oliver WInther

fredag den 10. maj 2013

Sketching Stuff....

So after i made my new jacket i had to make a fashion illustration to my portfolio..
Here's what i came up with:

It's not done yet though. What do you think?
Xoxo Oliver Winther

mandag den 6. maj 2013

HomeMade Jacket ~

The the past 3 weeks i've been working on a jacket for a school project. its turned out pretty great i think. it was pretty hard making the plastic part of the jacket but in the end everything just turned out great.

We had to get inspirred by a designer called Mette Julie Boundgaard Nielsen so please go check her clothes out!


I used my good friend Cecillie as my model for the project :) 
Dont you think its pretty?! 
Xoxo Oliver <3

torsdag den 4. april 2013

World Of Warcraft: level 90!

For the first time in a very long time i've had so much fun while playing world of warcraft, and i just reached level 90!

In the future i will be posting alot more world of warcraft related blogs since thats what going on in my life right now :P 
that will include: Pet battles, pvp videos, achivement, grinding or stuff like that. Since it is only a week ago i got to level 90 it will take a little more time before i make something thats actually serious. 
Here is a picture of my current charactor:

Xoxo Comii

onsdag den 27. marts 2013

Black Accessories

I just noticed that all my accessories is black, nothing else works for me i guess.

I look forward to blog shit for you guys soon.
Enjoy your Holiday, Xoxo Oliver

tirsdag den 26. marts 2013

Old Indian Fashion

2 days ago i was in the famous city, London. I was deeply in love with the museums and their culture in general. While visiting the Victoria & Albert museum i saw this old creation from old India.

So inspirred by the beauti of this. Seriously look at the details (if you can see them, i have a shitty camera :P)
Xoxo Oliver

lørdag den 12. januar 2013

Virginia Filter

Virginia filter - nok de flotteste cigaretter jeg endnu har set. De fik mig til at tænke på at cigaretter handler jo i bund og grund og stil, eller det har det iværtfald gjort.
Fantastisk guld filter og lilla hylster, Jeg var solgt. Men husk nu for alt i verden, Rygning kan dræbe!
xoxo Oliver Winther<3

lørdag den 5. januar 2013


Sick and bored at home.
Hope you guys had a good Christmas and New Years Eve, at least i had :)

-I should really start posting some more shit on this blog since i finally have my computer back and i have lots of crazy shit to share with you guys, so see you soon and have a nice day <3