mandag den 6. januar 2014

More eBay~

So this month i needed some new clothes and i deciced that it's time for some eBay shopping!

The first thing i got is a pastel-galaxy-ish Jigglypuff Jumper (Suits my lifestyle since Pokémon X & Y just came out!)

I needed a new purse aswell since i'll most likely be attenting to a new school. What better way to start the school year, right?!
~Ordered this Lovely Cat Purse

Last but not least i ordered a Pokémon coin purse! This design was so lovely and cute i had to buy it! Don't you agree?

Can't wait to see them here in my arms omg!
But anyway are you gonna buy something really amazing this month? 
~Can't wait to see what you guys think about this!
Xoxo Oliver <3

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